Dear friends, music lovers and random passers by!

I have something very exciting to share with you. Christmas is coming and so come some big news for Transport Aerian.

After two years of hibernation, I have decided to put Transport Aerianback on air, both in regard to new music and, – which for me is most exciting part  and I hope for my dear listeners to share my sentiment here, – a brand new live line up, a band which makes it possible to bring our music out live and loud during an extended series of shows in Belgium and around.
So who are the new musical spirits to enrich Transport Aerian on its musical journey ?

Paul De Smet, a new face behind the drumkit

First of all, a new man behind the drumkit, or should I say a strapping young lad, who’s just turned eighteen at this moment, but has been immersed in the music since the very young age, handles drums impressively well and has the ambition to pursue professional music career, a first drummer after nearly a decade of working exclusively with electronic beats makes tons of difference !

Second crucial input that Transport Aerian will now benefit from is jazz and contemporary classic music magic, borderline flirting with Rock In Opposition movement. We joined the forces with Umut Eldem (Starblind = Earthbond). He is more than just a musician. Being a doctoral researcher at The Royal Conservatoire of Antwerpen, he has given lectures on his research of synaesthesia, and had his audiovisual works combining sound and colours performed in Belgium, Turkey, Italy, and Luxembourg. He also holds a chair of musical director of the theatre collective Mixed & United. I must say, I am extremely honored and excited to have such a persona by my side on stage!

Umut Eldem, prominent avant-garde pianist and researcher

Last but not least, my long term ally and the only guitar player with whom I’ve always felt a full synergy on stage is back: Stefan Boeykens an integral part of Transport Aerian live sound who has been defining the band’s live sound since 2009, who has been featured on some of our studio efforts will be joining the circus as the only guitar player in the band this time as I’ll be fitting the slot of bass player and singer.
This line up formation, besides being all-around pleasant to work with, feels somewhat symbolic: represented by four musicians tied to biggest cultural centres in the country: Gent, Antwerpen, Leuven and Brussels.

Stefan Boeykens and his guitar magic

With first rehearsals and working on set list and arrangements started, I feel that we potentially have something very fresh and exciting in our hands, so I can’t wait to start planning the first shows, which – if things go as intended, – are to be scheduled towards the February 2020, and will continue until the end of season in mid summer.
While the live programme of new Transport Aerian will consist of the material covering all three recent albums, there is also something brand new coming.

A song that has essentially written itself will be our brand new single, titled Big Heart and is to be released as a charity effort towards the first days of 2020. The creation of this song has preceded the new line up, so none of the live band musicians are present on this record: instead, I was helped by a team of other, and absolutely brilliant musicians from all over the Europe, including Chris Allan, a prominent British progressive metal drummer, known for his work with a multiple well-acknowledged acts, including Malefice, Spiral Key and many others; Marco Ragni, an Italian solo artist who’s been around on psychedelic stage in Milan since the 70ies, and Peter Matuchniak, a progressive rock guitar player, known by his extravagant style, band Gekko Projekt and a plenty guest appearances and solo works.
Besides putting together a fresh out-of-the-oven live line up and making a new single, I have other things that keep me busy on musical field. A few months ago I have decided to finish my cooperation with avant-garde metal act Fabulae Dramatis – the band that I have actually co-found in 2011 and that kept me on the road and off the other things with their second album for last three years. Metal stage appeared to be quite a clingy place, so I will maintain my presence there and will be featured as a session player in few other metal acts in Belgium, and I can give a hunch, that something bigger might be cooking in there. What exactly? You will know when tome comes!

The pieces seem to have fallen to place naturally this time.