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Therianthrope reviews

“‘Therianthrope’ is not intended to be an easy listening experience, it is a thought-provoking and sometimes actually quite raw and painful musical journey that should be consumed in one listen to understand and get the most from it. It is an intense and intensely satisfying record that proudly steps away from the expected to deliver one of 2017’s more engrossing and stimulating releases.”

Transport Aerian has produced its greatest album yet. “Therianthrope” is a gorgeous soundscape ranging from peculiarities to whimsical beauty. The album communicates humanity at its darkest, most palpable state; giving us something to relate to while we experience the music. Hamlet himself seemed very excited about this production from the very beginning, and I completely understand why. He has crafted a masterpiece of provocative and poetic mortality.
Theiranthrope is an album that is impossible to categorize. I can’t really compare the music on Theiranthrope with anything else I have heard. Some of the more experimental music by Radiohead, Steven Wilson, King Crimson or Steve Hackett could perhaps be mentioned in trying to describe what kind of fans could enjoy this excellent album, but I am not satisfied by any of these references.

Darkblue reviews

“Even better, the project has a female vocalist, Rachel Bauer, on “Darkblue”. This does more than expand the possibilities in the musical compositions. It also greatly broadens the form of the lyrics. Since Transport Aerian is almost always a one-man project, the previous albums have been structured around self-examining monologues. With Rachel Bauer on board, the project engages in narrated dialogues. The emotional intensity is just as high as before, but now it becomes more participatory.”

Review in A Metal State of Mind

“you will not find anything else like Transport Aerian’s “Darkblue” this year, or any year, really. Hamlet has managed to best even his incredible live album by creating real texture, very human relatability, and haunting musical atmospheres. Give into the darkness.”
4,5 / 5

Review in Progulator webzine.

“Whenever I listen to a Transport Aerian release I feel I am being transported to the inside of every thought and note that has passed through Hamlet’s complicated mind, it is a strangely fulfilling feeling. To me, he is more than just a musician, he is an artist and a musical poet. You will not always agree with his views but you will always back his right to express them in his eloquent, if a little vehement style. This guy has the musical nous and skill to back up his point of view and ‘Darkblue’ is his latest masterpiece.”

Review on Progradar

“Met Dark Blue laat Transport Aerian weer heel diep in zijn hart kijken. De weemoedige aanpak, annex donkere gedachten, lijken de rode draad doorheen het geheel. De ene keer brengt hij ons zwevend tot opperste vervoering. Om de volgende keer je hart er uit te rukken. Maar vooral is dit een gevarieerde plaat geworden die alle aspecten van ons donker hart naar voor brengen. Van dreigend tot diep ontroerend. Telkens pinken we een traan weg. Doorheen dit alles wordt je als luisteraar ook een spiegel voor gehouden. Laat je meeglijden doorheen de donkere, maar ook rustgevende gedachten van Hamlet. Die wederom een heel genietbare plaat heeft uitgbracht, waarbij vooral ons hart en ziel diep worden geraakt.”

Review in Snoozecontrol magazine (dutch)

“The lyrics, spoken and sung by Hamlet and his accomplice for this album Rachel Bauer (also responsible for the mystic photos in the album booklet) tell a story of, in Hamlets own words ‘exile, self-isolation and love’ – in a dialog between two people. As explained on the Transport Aerian blog, this “is the one-piece musical diary that tells the surreal love story, which is being recited throughout the album’s temporal and spatial space from the face of two main characters”. A concept that makes it nearly impossible to do a track by track review. In all honesty, I see no point in listening to individual tracks anyway – this is indeed a single piece of music. Thus, I’ll hold back on that and just recommend anyone who’s in for something non-conformist, experimental and as true to art as art can be, to give this album a try and experience for themselves what Hamlet felt when writing this music, and what Rachel Bauer and him made out of that when recording.”

Review in Angelo’s Rock Orphanage

“Главная черта музыки в этом опусе заключается в том, что она только лишь обрамляет Идею, которая более выражена в лирике, в речевых вставках, в звуке, в амбиентных элементах. “Darkblue” – театрален или, скорее, кинематографичен. Это сюрреалистическое действо, которое заключено в рамках музыки скорее по воле случая, чем по законам бизнеса или по правилам любого музыкального жанра.”

Review in Russian Darkside Magazine (Russian)

“La musique accompagne les textes sur Darkblue plus qu’elle ne construit l’histoire. C’est sur les morceaux les plus élaborés que mon coeur s’est tout d’abord emballé. Il aura fallu quelques écoutes pour que je tombe amoureux de l’album qui n’est pas si accessible que ça. Lorsque que les paroles prennent le pouvoir sur les instruments, je perdais un peu pied, même aidé du livret. Écoutez l’album, puis lisez le livret sans musique, puis revenez encore, cette fois avec les deux. Laissez-vous transporter par ces notes solitaires et ces deux voix, vous finirez envoûté. A réserver aux nuits sans sommeil, quand tout le monde dort dans la maison.”

Review in Neoprog Webzine

“Darkblue is an album that will appeal to those drawn to darkness, those who manage to understand and cherish the beauty of horror, the aesthetics of bad dreams, the stark brilliancy of brutal honesty. It probably also calls out for listeners with more of an introverted nature and personality, as the atmospheres and feelings explored won’t be those you’d bring over to friends to chit-chat over. Progressive rock fans of the kind that frequently have artists like Nine Inch Nails and perhaps also Gary Numan on their playlist come across as a key audience, I imagine most of those who recognize themselves in that description will appreciate the relative charms of this disc.”

Review in Progressor Webzine

“Don’t get fooled it’s short, because this album really needs to be listened to with your full attention. This isn’t just a random album you just put on as background music while you’re busy doing other stuff. It also leaves a slightly bitter taste in your mouth at the end, making you wonder: “Are you happy with the future?”

Review in Background Magazine

“this is a deep introspective album. But one that wil very much entertain people who like the unexplored corners of metal and rock. It does however require several listening sessions before you grasp the music and start to appreciate it.”

Review in Darkview Magazine

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